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Gwen had thyroid trouble for over 5 years before coming to the healing centre. She needed to have her blood pressure and blood sugar checked every 4 months but, since having healing regularly, her thyroid has been stable, her blood pressure is now acceptable and her sugar level is better than it was. She also had such a bad back that she was housebound for 18 months but that, too, is much better.

"And I've lost nearly a stone without really trying!" said a delighted Gwen.

"Healing helps me relax and I know I've benefited in all kinds of ways - not just medically."


Chris was prevented from taking up a new teaching job by a bout of bad health, which was followed by a series of different illnesses. After three years of this, he decided that conventional medicine was not the long-term solution and began having healing regularly.

"I always felt lighter and very relaxed after a session," says Chris, "but, like watching your hair grow, I was only aware of the difference that it made to me when I looked back after 6 months of treatment. I'm now a different person. I'm physically and mentally stronger, recurrent aches and pains have disappeared, I sleep better and – most importantly - I feel optimistic about the future now and am in the process of getting back to work. I view healing as a readjustment rather than a cure and am recovering my old sparkle."


Marie (mother of 2 and company director) was devastated by her diagnosis of Grade 3 cancer – the most aggressive you can get. She had radical surgery followed by chemotherapy and reacted badly to the treatments.

"I didn't look to the future," says Marie, "I wasn't sure I had one. During that bleak time, one of the Aldridge healers came to the hospital and whilst having healing I saw, perfectly clearly, the writing ‘death is removed' in front of my eyes. Although I didn't dare take it for granted that it was true, it certainly gave me confidence for the future. A number of healing sessions later, I felt much better within myself. My belief is that healing helped me emotionally which in turn helped me physically. My first 12-monthly check was clear and I have been fine ever since - which is some years now."


"Better than fantastic!"

""My shoulder and eczema have improved."

"Very calm mind now."

"After a healing session I feel on top of the world"

"Total peace - what a gift."

"Doctor said 'no hope' for my painful neck and shoulder and that they would get worse. After 4 sessions, I am completely better."