A lottery grant has been awarded to research the benefits of Healing provided by members of NFSH/The Healing Trust. The University of Birmingham conducted the trial over a two year period.

The grant was awarded to Freshwinds, a Birmingham medical charity, which worked in collaboration with the University. Patients at Good Hope Hospital who had been diagnosed with particular bowel problems but were still suffering, despite having completed their conventional treatment, were offered a series of healing sessions.

The grant application was supported by a hospital audit of 75 gastroenterology patients who had each received one 20-minute healing session.

Sandy Edwards, the volunteer healer who produced and conducted the audit, says, "Anyone with IBS, psoriasis or eczema knows that their symptoms get worse when they are stressed or worried. This tells me that a physical chemical reaction is taking place in the body as a result of their negative emotional state. Healing deeply calms people but there is more going on than simply relaxation or placebo. For instance, research shows that healing works under laboratory conditions on human tissue in Petri dishes, and also on animals and plants."

The programme was designed to give five healing sessions to 200 patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Comparisons were made between those who had received healing and those who had not. After three months, the people who had not yet received any healing were given a series of five sessions. The aim was to discover whether the patients benefited in any way, whether physically or regarding their quality of life and whether the effects were long-lasting.

The research results are expected to be published during 2015, after which Sandy plans to publish her book about the whole experience - 'Healing in a Hospital & Research Results'

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